Mobile/Vehicle Patrols

Increases Neighborhood Safety; Reduces Liability Risk

Patrol car monitoring is an excellent crime deterrent and extremely effective when you need surveillance over a large area, such as a gated community, construction site, parking garage, or manufacturing facility. Koby Security Solutions, Inc. expert mobile vehicle patrol service provides fast response to alarms and calls; increases neighborhood safety; reduces liability risk; and increases surveillance capabilities – making it a highly cost-effective security investment.

  • Marked Vehicle Security Patrols Provide Cost-Effective Crime Prevention and Security at:
    • Parking lots/garages
    • College/university campuses
    • Warehouses
    • Manufacturing plants
    • Industrial facilities
    • Storage facilities
    • Business parks
    • Malls and shopping centers
    • Construction sites
    • Parks
    • Gated neighborhoods
    • Condominiums
    • Retirement centers
    • Rail yards
    • Hospitals
    • Equipment yards
    • Private events
    • Sports venues
    • Concert venues


extremely effective crime deterrent

All vehicles are clearly marked

experienced drivers provided reduced liability risk

Drivers are trained and comprehensively fully insured

highly cost-effective security investment

Specialize in Commercial/Residential environments.