People Search and Location

People Search and Location Services

Locating People- Rely on our Resources and Experience

Our analysts and investigators can locate a witness, a missing person, a high school classmate or a deadbeat spouse.

  • Do you need to serve a subpoena? Is a court appearance looming?
  • Are you having trouble locating someone who owes you money?
  • Are you looking for the beneficiary of a will? Do you need to find a witness for your court case?
  • Is someone you care about missing?

No matter where the person may be, even if they don't want to be found, they do leave a hidden trail. Everyday activities and transactions create a series of digital footprints. Our access to databases unavailable to the public enables us to pick up that trail. When necessary we verify the information through surveillance, interviews or pretext phone calls.

Listed above are more popular cases we handle on a daily basis, but not limited to. If you are concerned, please call us. It is better to know than assume. We at Koby Security Solutions, Inc. will reveal the answers. No matter the suspicion, we have investigators that are trained and skilled to provide effective measures assisting you in any way we can help. All calls are confidential.

If you are interested in finding out more about our programs or you would like a personal consultation with one of our representatives, feel free to contact us.