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Koby Private Investigation Solutions

Listed are popular cases we handle on a daily basis, but not limited to. If you are concerned, please call us. It is better to know than assume. We at Koby Security Solutions, Inc. will reveal the answers. No matter the suspicion, we have investigators that are trained and skilled to provide effective measures assisting you in any way we can help. All calls are confidential.

KSS is fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured by NYS Dept. of State

Koby Private Investigation Solutions

Counter Surveillance Services by Koby Security Solutions NY

Counter Surveillance

Because results are everything, our investigators work in tandem with state-of-the-art equipment from cameras and audio recorders to GPS tracking devices.:

People Search Services by Koby Security Solutions NY

People Search

Our analysts and investigators can locate a witness, a missing person, a high school classmate or a deadbeat spouse.

Spousal Investigation Services by Koby Security Solutions NY

Spousal Investigation

Many questions arise in relationships that spark suspicion of infidelity. By using private investigators, you are able to remain anonymous throughout the process of discreetly discovering the truth regarding your mate.

Insurance Claim Investigation Services by Koby Security Solutions NY

Insurance Investigations

Insurance Claims Investigations save money for everyone. Why pay an individual UNEMPLOYMENT or DISABILITY when they clearly are using the system illegally to their advantage. If suspicion arises in regards to a previous employee, friend, or coworker collecting government aide unlawfully, it is imperative to take the necessary steps to uncover such behavior.

Child Support Investigation Services by Koby Security Solutions NY

Child Support Investigations

Child Support is the obligation of two adults who conceive a child. When one parent is not contributing their responsibility to their child, it hinders the child's future and home life. Children that lack the nurturing required both financially and emotionally have a more difficult time growing up.

Abuse Assistance Services by Koby Security Solutions NY

Abuse Assistance

Abuse cases range from domestic, physical, sexual, emotional, child abuse etc. These cases are usually called in to a police department, and then passed through the system in a series of processes. Although it is extremely important that you report such cases, frequently you want to report an abuser on suspicion alone.