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Construction Site Security Guards and Services

In today's society, construction site management cannot leave protective services up to the police. Increases in vandalism, crime, and theft indicate that criminals have become much smarter, more organized, and more brazen. This has led to an increased demand in construction site security guards and patrol for hire.

Koby Security Solutions, Inc. can create a customized, strategic plan for protective services at your commercial or construction site. We have experience dealing with internal and external security threats.

Construction Site Protection:

  • Deter theft of construction equipment or materials
  • Deter vandalism on site
  • Control all visitors to the job site
  • Maintain a list of all vehicles, deliveries, and visitors to the site
  • Foot patrol of job site
  • Secure entrance and exit areas of site during non-operational hours
  • Maintain watch over site equipment
  • Guard office trailers
  • Inspection of fencing and surrounding perimeter for security breaches

Call us today to begin the customized security plan for your construction site.

Hospitality Security Services

Hotels and resorts demand security services that are always approachable and always in a state of readiness.

Koby Security Solutions, Inc. has the public communication and technical expertise to provide security in a friendly and welcoming manner with enhanced customer service that goes above and beyond expectations.

  • Public Interaction that Puts Guests at Ease KSS security personnel are highly trained in communication skills and public interaction. As a result, our on-site staff maintains a friendly and reassuring attitude that allows guests to enjoy their environment while minimizing opportunities for critical issues to arise.
  • Setting the Standard for Training KSS training programs lead the field in depth and breadth. We prepare our on-site personnel in all critical elements of hotel security, resort security and hospitality security, including reception, monitoring, guarding, protective services and emergency response.
  • Dedicated Corporate Infrastructure KSS corporate management maintains a rigorous screening and hiring process for all personnel and provides close supervision and support at all levels of the security team. Our Emergency Communications Center backs up the field units and facilitates security continuity and a rapid response to any security situation that might arise.

Security Solutions for Local Government

Koby Security Solutions, Inc. has a long history of providing security solutions to all levels of government, law enforcement and military. We have experience working with federal, state and local governments. We are certified by the Department of Homeland Security's Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies (SAFETY) Act and deliver solutions that are HSPD-12 and FIPS-12 compliant to all types of governmental organizations.

Our integrated solutions employ access control, intrusion detection, visitor management, video surveillance systems, panic devices and fire and life safety solutions to help agencies streamline and enhance security operations. The result is streamlined administration and management of your systems, with increased situational awareness throughout all areas of your operations.

Our security services for Local Government agencies include:

  • Security Guards: Uniformed, Armed and Unarmed
  • Mobile/Vehicle Patrols
  • Security Assessments
  • Concierge/Security Console Operators
  • Fire Safety Directors – Licensed
  • Fire Guards – Certified
  • Integrated Electronic Security Systems
  • Access Control
  • Disaster Support
  • Emergency Response
  • And, we offer Customized Services to meet the unique security needs of your business or facility.

Our local, regional and national teams are experienced in working with government purchasing systems to deliver effective solutions on time and on budget.

Gated Community Security Guard Gated Community Security Developing customized security solutions for safe and secure residential communities

At KSS, we understand the things that your community values the most, such as creating an environment where residents and guests feel safe, secure and welcome. We also understand that each community is unique and has its own challenges and concerns, so our security solutions are customized to help meet your goals as well as fit within your budget.

Beyond the Basics

Our services for gated communities can be augmented with these additional areas of support:

  • Access and traffic control
  • Covenant enforcement
  • Life safety
  • Law enforcement partnership
  • Supplementary services (events, parking enforcement, pool access, etc.)

Restaurant Security Services

Koby Security Solutions, Inc. offers a great deal of restaurant security experience and can serve various needs ranging from basics like burglary protection and fire monitoring to video solutions that will greatly enhance your security program.

If you operate a single restaurant or are a national chain, KSS will provide outstanding security differentiated by a high level of customer service.

Shopping Center Security Solutions

Shopping centers and malls have unique challenges that must be taken into consideration when designing an effective security program. Retail tenants, their employees, shoppers, walkers and food court patrons all need to feel secure and welcome in your facility and safe in your parking lot or they may not return.

You need security officers who know how to respond appropriately whether they are directing groups of juveniles, working crowd control for special events, helping to deter theft, responding to active criminal incidents, assisting medical emergencies, finding lost children, or patrolling parking areas. Retail security officers must have the right personalities and skills to meet the demands of this multifaceted and fast-paced environment.

Warehouse Security Solutions

Koby Security Solutions, Inc. provides warehouse security guards and security services including warehouse security officers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When it comes to protecting your warehouse, KSS's security officers are the best in the industry. Vandalism and theft are two of the major security risks to storage and distribution facilities.

The value of your building materials and machinery are too costly to leave without security. Southwest Patrol can provide security services that may deter vandalism or theft. Southwest Patrol warehouse security officers will patrol the areas and make sure everything is going well and help prevent theft and criminal activity.

Having the presence of a warehouse security officer can prevent theft and intimidate those thinking about trespassing or stealing internally. Southwest Patrol management has numerous years of experience; we can help clients to carefully decide upon a good strategic security plan with armed security guards; unarmed security guards, off duty police, uniformed security guards or plainclothes security guards.

Secure your warehouse today with effective warehouse security officers. Southwest Patrol would like to help you to have peace of mind knowing that the security of your warehouse and goods are in professional hands that care.

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