Insurance Claim Investigations

Insurance Claims Investigations save money for everyone

Insurance Claims Investigations save money for everyone. Why pay an individual UNEMPLOYMENT or DISABILITY when they clearly are using the system illegally to their advantage. If suspicion arises in regards to a previous employee, friend, or coworker collecting government aide unlawfully, it is imperative to take the necessary steps to uncover such behavior. We are able to document all movement from their home to alleged workplace. If the claimant is requesting disability compensation, we monitor activities they are involved in to expose the severity of the injury and whether the perpetrator is claiming assistance fraudulently.

Listed above are more popular cases we handle on a daily basis, but not limited to. If you are concerned, please call us. It is better to know than assume. We at Koby Security Solutions, Inc. will reveal the answers. No matter the suspicion, we have investigators that are trained and skilled to provide effective measures assisting you in any way we can help. All calls are confidential.

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