Fire Guards

Put your mind at ease knowing that our trained fireguard is always present

All of our fireguards have been through extensive training and have the knowledge that is needed for fire prevention. They know how to activate fire alarms, know how to work the many various types of fire extinguishers, are familiar with the functions of a sprinkler system and know how to evacuate a building if they need to. Whether your event requires a Temporary Public Assembly (TPA) permit of your sprinkler system is not operational we provide the fireguards required for your event.

By using our fireguard services, you can put your mind at ease knowing that our trained fireguard is always present. A fire is a devastating tragedy that can destroy things like nothing else can. By having a fireguard on your site, the odds of a fire happening will greatly be reduced, and if it were to happen, there would be minimal loss.

New York City and New York State fire codes require that a New York City and FDNY certified fireguard be present at all public performances. In many states, there are laws that require a fireguard to always be present at certain facilities. Usually, these properties are construction sites, high rise buildings, and other similar type properties. We can provide trained fireguards to protect your property and make sure that it is up to fire codes.


extremely effective crime deterrent

All vehicles are clearly marked

experienced drivers provided reduced liability risk

Drivers are trained and comprehensively fully insured

highly cost-effective security investment

Specialize in Commercial/Residential environments.