Child Support Investigations

Start receiving the money you are owed

Child Support is the obligation of two adults who conceive a child. When one parent is not contributing their responsibility to their child, it hinders the child's future and home life. Children that lack the nurturing required both financially and emotionally have a more difficult time growing up. If you are in need of financial support from your child's parent, then why wait your turn after moving through a lengthy court process. Not only will we locate the parent, but will do so at an affordable rate. We will reveal whether they are employed, the amount of money they make and lifestyle choices. Start receiving the money you are owed by letting us help you.

Listed above are more popular cases we handle on a daily basis, but not limited to. If you are concerned, please call us. It is better to know than assume. We at Koby security solutions will reveal the answers. No matter the suspicion, we have investigators that are trained and skilled to provide effective measures assisting you in any way we can help. All calls are confidential.

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