Koby Security Solutions, Inc. (KSS), a specialized New York-based security firm, provides an extensive array of security, protection and prevention services to both individuals and corporations. With access to over one hundred highly trained and uniquely experienced professionals, many of whom possess law enforcement backgrounds, KSS offers its clients long-term security solutions and special project expertise.




Koby Security Solutions, Inc. 

Law Enforcement training, resources, and work ethic to satisfy the needs of each and every client.

KSS is uniquely equipped to design, implement and oversee security solutions for all your personal and business needs. Whether it’s protecting your employees in the work place, your business assets in transit or your private property at home, KSS has the personnel and procedures to ensure you’re protected against any and all eventualities.

Our in-house association with an exclusive Manhattan Law practice provides further security, as well as guidance in both civil and criminal related security matters.

Furthermore, because KSS has access to a network of highly specialized individuals with contacts across a wide range of federal, state and municipal agencies, KSS is able to bring the full weight of the security community to bear for its clients.

Koby Security clients include Hotels, Libraries, Celebrities and Retailers.

Koby Security is a member of: The Orange County Chamber of Commerce, Woodbury Chamber of Commerce, and ASIS INTERNATIONAL.
We proudly accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
KSS is fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured by NYS Dept. of State

Client services include:
• Armed and unarmed guards
• Loss prevention/recovery
• Integrity assurance
• Security surveys and analysis
• Mobile patrol/alarm response
• Private events/celebrations security
• Document retrieval and verification
• Courier and armed escorts
• Estate protection
• Construction site supervision
• Vulnerability assessments for existing operations
• Surveillance (both electronic and
•Program reporting

• Self Defense and Yoga offered in Corporate settings/private instruction available

• U.S and international travel expertise
• Comprehensive on-site evaluation
and analysis of existing security
systems, policies and procedures

• Police force liaison

Koby Security Solutions, Inc. Email us: arlenekoby@optonline.net